y) “start time,” the two-year delay from the start date of delivery or the expiry of the notice of use of the delivery. The initial term of the contract is continued until the end of the month when the end date of the two-year period expires; (b) handling, installing or using a manipulated meter, a power return transformer, a loop connection or any other device or process, which interferes with the recording, calibration or measurement of electrical current, precise or correct, or other means of theft or waste of electricity; or (n) “contractual request”: the maximum charge in KW, KVA or HP, if this can be the case, agreed, provided by the taker and mandated by the consumer and mentioned in the agreement; (b) “agreement” with its grammatical variations and cognac expressions, an agreement between the licensee and the consumer in accordance with this code; gg) “counters,” a set of integrative instruments and devices used to measure and/or record and/or store electrical quantities such as KWh or KVAh energy; maximum demand in KW or KVA, blind energy in KVARh, etc. at any given time, including electricity meters and whole dosing devices such as current converters (CT), condensation voltage converter (CVT), potential transformers (PT) with cable, wiring, provided they are used in conjunction with this meter or its accessories, as well as all devices such as switches or load locking devices, fuses used for protection and verification purposes, and (c) in the case of a partnership company, a partnership file, authorization on behalf of the applicant for the signing of the application form and agreement. xi) by a meter or device related to the measurement that was accidentally damaged. (vii) the extension of electricity beyond the scope of the treaty; c. an electrical meter, appliance, equipment or wire damaged or destroyed or destroyed or destroyed by the damage or destruction of one of them in such a way as to compromise the correct or accurate measurement of electricity for the abstraction, consumption or use of electricity is punishable in accordance with the provisions of Section 135 of the law and rules. 13. Copy of the corresponding section of the current regulation, which contains details of the tariff category chosen by the consumer and duly signed by the consumer. This provision is attached to the agreement after the formalities have been completed. (vi) by an increase in the LT consumer connection load greater than the burden provided for by the agreement. However, this does not apply to domestic consumers; or (d) in the case of a limited public or private limited-capital limited company, the statutes and statutes as well as the constitution and authorization on behalf of the applicant for the signing of the application form and the agreement.

. (a) Energy costs are based on the actual meter recorded in the energy meter. c) In both cases, the appropriate automatic circuit breakers must be installed on the tension arm side of each processor or on any feeder. (i) “Commission”: the Chhattisgarh State Electricity Regulatory Commission; (a) the date on which the taker issues an invoice to the consumer each month . . . (c) I/we will file electricity charges each month based on the current electricity tariff and other taxes.