The demo product agreement, which applies on the date listed below between Mobile Mounting Solutions Inc. (“Mobile Mounts”) and the customer (below) sets the terms of the loan terms of the products on Mobile Mounts` attached offer (“Product”) to the customer for the sole purpose of demonstrating and evaluating the product. The customer accepts that such a product loan is subject to the following conditions: the company is free to promote, promote, market, market, demonstrate, offer, sell and license prod-ucts to third parties, including Customers and Customers of Remarketer, by themselves or with the help of third parties. The company is free to enter into the same business conditions or conditions similar to those of this agreement with a natural customer or organization, including, but not exclusively, for customers on or outside the territory. Remarketer is free to promote, market, market, demonstrate, offer, sell, sell and license products to third parties, including customers and customers of the company, inside or outside the area. Remarketer is free to enter into the same terms and conditions as this Agreement with an individual or organization for each product for customers, including customers within or outside the territory. This contract automatically expires at [the termination date], unless a party that sends thirty (30) days of written notification to the other party has been terminated in advance. If one party does not comply with an essential clause of this agreement, the other party may terminate the agreement in writing to the non-compliant party. Examples of “substantial violations” by you are those that you (i) do not respect customer satisfaction or if you do not respect the terms of a transaction document (for example.

B if you do not pay an invoice or comply with the obligations arising from a declaration of work), (ii) refuse this agreement or (iii) make substantial mistakes to the company. You agree that the company`s only commitment to you with respect to termination is to provide the required notification in this section 18 (Rescission) and the company will not be liable for any claims or losses that may occur against you if the Company terminates that contract without further notification.