The Management Compensation Committee (the “Committee”) has selected you for a special distinction for limited share units as part of Chevron Corporation`s Long-Term Incentive Plan (the “Plan”). The activated terms that are not defined in this agreement have the same meaning as the terms defined in Chevron Corporation`s long-term incentive plan, which are changed from time to time. This premium is subject to the plan and is subject to the following special conditions: 1. They have been securitized with limited share units xx,xxx on . Restrictions on limited inventory units are extinguished and 100% of units will be anniversary of the issue date. In the case of DerVesting, limited share shares are taxable as ordinary income and are paid in shares. 2. No certificate of shares is issued at the time of the grant and you have no interest or interest in the company`s shares under this grant agreement. 3.

To obtain full payment of this premium, you must remain with the Company through (the “Full Vesting Date”). The provisions of this paragraph apply only to this agreement on restricted units of action and replace the provisions of the plan relating to unqualified stock options and benefit participation provisions. 4. You have the right to obtain dividend equivalents for your limited share units (i.e. an amount equal to the dividends that should have been paid for limited share units if they had been shares of the company) until the respective shares of the limited shares were paid. These dividend equivalents are converted into additional limited share units on the date of dividend distribution, dividing the amount of dividend equivalents by the closing price of a company interest on the date of dividend payments. These additional limited share shares must be required at the same time as the limited share units for which the dividend equivalent is paid. 5. Your restricted stock units are paid within 30 days of the date the stock unit is in place. Under no circumstances is the payment made more than two and a half months after the end of the calendar year in which the Restricted Stock Unit issues payments. This agreement does not allow for a postponement of the payment date.

The payment of these limited share shares is made in shares and net of the necessary tax deduction. The Ved Restricted Stock Units are valued on the basis of the closing price of a company interest at the time of penetration. 6. The restricted units of action that constitute this award are subject to the adjustment of the recapitalization in the manner provided by the plan, as they may be modified from time to time.