At one point, Bian fell ill, even with his flat and cold attitude towards Tari, Tari remained patient in the relationship with sick Bian, slowly Bian`s character began to soften, and even allowed Tari to feed his porridge, making Tari happy. Things change when Sarah enters her house to see Bian, Tari is devastated and leaves the house all day. Bi Darmi was surprised when she saw Bian and Sarah snuggle up. When she came home, Bian was angry with Tari because she left, Tari became angry because she didn`t want to be home when Sarah came, and Bian apologized. Tari, who always felt disappointed, will attend the Bandung seminar with Amian and will not allow Bian because there will be an Arisan family event, bian advised Tari that the woman in religion should not travel without her husband`s permission, but Tari, because she did not encourage herself to leave from the beginning. There were problems during the dance trip to Bandung, unbalanced toll cards, flat tires and cars that send smoke. At the event, Bian`s family asked if Tari wasn`t coming. Kinan, Bian`s sister, suspects that Bian`s house is in trouble. Suddenly, Tari arrives at Bian`s house and will not leave until there is permission, so that the suspicions of Kinan`s and Bian`s parents are gone. Cerbungnya already deleted the author seems mbk, basrusan I check was deleted 🙂 A shark. The film Wedding Agreement (2019) is based on the previously published novel on Wattpad of the same name by Mia Chuz. Tells the story of a man who, after marriage, received a letter of the agreement to his wife, within one year to divorce. Here is the inner dilemma of the woman who really wants to live the marriage, but the husband has an ex-fiancee who is still loved.

Bian then explained to Tari, upon her return, that it was Sarah who came to unsercited. Tari does not try to take care of it and intends to go to Bandung with her best friend, Friend. Even though Bian asked him not to leave because there was a family event with Bian. Along the way, Tari had so many problems that she finally went home and went to Bian`s show at the right time, when Bian`s sister felt her marriage was in trouble. Where there is aldi, there are hahaha. Aldi “warms up” Bian so he can go to his dance seminars often. yes, Tari said then Bian, when she leaves later, Bian will ask permission to make the trip smoothly. “Coconut milk is not just about that. There`s a long process behind it.

From the coconut fell from the tree, split, crushed, then given water, so that it becomes coconut milk. To be an advantage, you have to make coconut milk, rendang, chicken ring, opor. Well, coconut milk is us. If we want our potential to emerge, then we have to go through a lot of long processes and trials that are turbulent”- Fourth dance, I can`t really stand the gentle dance. Even though he tried to be tough and patient, he still had a lot of love. I still want him to hit the Bian hahaha. Honestly, this movie is getting boring. I like watching TVC or a live movie that comes out of private TV channels, showing the religious side of a man always harassed.