The state protects work, promotes full employment, offers equal opportunities for work, regardless of gender, race or profession of faith; and regulate the relationship between workers and employers. Each person, company, company or other business organization must register annually with the relevant regional office, the Commission and the National Statistics Office, submit and record a broken down list of its work item, indicating the names of its employees and workers below the executive level, including learners, apprentices and disabled workers who have been hired under the terms prescribed by the contracts , as well as their salaries. This employment contract is a contract between an employer and a worker in the Philippines. It can be used for different types of jobs, such as test work, regular employment, project work, seasonal work, temporary work or casual employment. All approved apprenticeship and apprenticeship contracts concluded before July 1, 1989 are considered to be automatically amended as long as their wage clauses reflect increases under the Act.cralaw (b) if the payment of part of the worker`s salary to another person is authorized by existing legislation, including payments for worker`s insurance premiums and union dues. , if the right to audit has been approved by the employer in accordance with a collective agreement or in writing by individual workers; or (b) public service workers and employees of non-profit organizations and organizations are entitled to bonuses and overtime; unless they are expressly excluded from the registration of this rule in accordance with Section 2 of this section.cralaw (d) Payment by cheque is made with the written agreement of the workers concerned if there is no collective agreement authorizing the payment of wages by bank cheque. if the application of a salary increase prescribed under a law or wage order enacted by a regional council distorts the wage structure within a company, the employer and the union negotiate the correction of distortions. All disputes resulting from wage distortions are settled through the appeal procedure as part of their collective agreement and, if left unresolved, by voluntary conciliation. Unless otherwise agreed between the parties in writing, such a dispute will be resolved by the voluntary arbitrators within ten (10) calendar days from the date on which the dispute was referred to voluntary arbitration proceedings. Article 117.

Deduction to insure employment. It is illegal to deduct a worker`s wages for the benefit of the employer or his or her representative or intermediary in return for a commitment to employment or retention in employment.