Some restrictions may be added to the billing agreement after it has been confirmed. In this case, the billing agreement is deferred to the status. You must take the corrective action described below and re-confirm the billing agreement using Operation ConfirmlingAgrement before calling CreateOrderReferenceForId or AuthorizeOnBillingAgrement. Should I explicitly mention the “letter exchange agreement,” that is, “POST /v1/payments/billing-agreements/bill-balance,” to calculate it in one year – or should it theoretically be automatically billed? The subject of a billing contract is only allowed to create an order reference with The CreateOrderReferenceForId or to request a payment authorization through the AuthorizeOnBillingAgreement transaction, after confirming the billing agreement by calling the Transaction ConfirmBillingAgrement. The ConfirmLingAgreement operation call is only successful if there are no restrictions on the billing object. Restrictions indicate that important information is missing or not valid. Does each sale need its own plan – okay? (Or can I just pre-program 4 plans (different port options) and add all the chords to one of these 4 plans) You can take corrective action to correct the billing agreement and remove the restrictions before you call ConfirmBillingAgreement. The table below lists the restrictions and corrective measures you need to take to remove the restriction: To check if it has been paid – I have to look for transactions – correct? (“GET /v1/payments/billing-agreements/transactions? start_date-yyyyyy-mm-dd-end_date-yyyyyy-mm-dd “) We want to add subscriptions – which I collect with their billing plan – billing contract. You have a few questions: 5. A pop-up window opens, inviting you to log in to your PayPal account.

4. Click the add button PayPal billing agreement. I have a store that sells magazines – other items. Currently sell individual or group and store items with PayPal REST API. To pay your bill with PayPal, you need to put in place a billing agreement. This way, you can activate the automatic charging option with your PayPal account. To establish a billing agreement, please follow the following steps: 1.