You must provide the following information: Author(s), paper title, abbreviated title of the journal in which it was published; Year (in Arabic numbers), release number, first and last page. All information is provided in the original language of the cited document. Magazine acronyms should be based on the “Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals” available in Here are some examples of Vancouver`s style for creation and the list of bibliographical quotations. We must stress that if the first and last page of a quotation are in the same tenths, hundredths, thousandths, etc., it is not necessary to write repeated figures. For example, a reference beginning on page 1320 and ending on page 1329 is list 1320-9. Copyright When an article is adopted, authors are invited to complete a Journal Publishing Agreement in order to grant the Society copyright on the manuscript and all paintings, illustrations or other material submitted for publication (the article) in all forms and media (whether known or subsequently developed), worldwide, in all languages, for the duration of the copyright, valid if the article is adopted for publication. In addition, the magazine also requests a signed copyright statement. A model is available at Save each co-author and you must enter the full name, position and titles. The CPF number can be added later. The order of coa authors can be easily changed with the tracks on the screen.

If there are many items, list them from the largest to the smallest. In journals published by government or international agencies, you can assign the authorship of the organization responsible for the study without mentioning the author. Reference Style Authors are responsible for the accuracy and completeness of their references and the correct indication of the text. Encrypted references in the order in which they are displayed in the text; not to be literate. In the text, tables and captions, identify references with Arabic numerals. If you list the references, follow the AMA style and reduce the names of the magazines according to the list of PubMed newspapers. List all authors and/or editors up to 6; If more than 6, list the first 6 followed by et al. All articles that are not in English must be translated.