(i) an authorization of Part 4A or an amendment to a Part 4A authorization for an activity of the type covered by Section 36A(9) (creditbroking), 53A (10) (regulated mortgage contract advice) or 60B (regulated credit contracts) of the regulated activities regulation; Section 25A (arrangement of regulated mortgage contracts) or 61(11) (conclusion and management of regulated mortgage contracts) of the Regulated Activities Order, as amended by this decision, or section 53DA (advice on regulated credit contracts for land acquisition) of the regulated activities regulation as inserted in this decision; or (2) From the date the creditor first acts in accordance with these rules, the Consumer Credit Act of 1974 applies with respect to the agreement or proposed agreement, as if the amendments to the legislation under paragraphs 2 and 4 of Schedule 1 (amendments to the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and the Regulated Activities Regulation) had come into force. 2. If the borrower fulfills all or part of the borrower`s obligations before the contract expires, the lender must grant the borrower a reduction in the total cost of the credit, including interest and fees for the remaining term of the contract. 4. The creditor is entitled to fair and objective compensation, to the extent warranted, for any costs directly related to the prepayment, but the creditor cannot impose a penalty on the borrower and the amount of compensation cannot exceed the creditor`s financial loss. “related person” with respect to the borrower or (in the case of loans to fiduciary directors), a beneficiary of the trust, by means of: b) any designated intermediary or representative who received information during the credit application process; (a) is a regulated credit contract within the meaning of Chapter 14A of Part 2 of the Regulated Activities Regulation; and (b) if implemented on or after March 21, 2016, as a result of changes to this regulation by the 2015 Mortgage Credit Directive, which would be a defined species under Sections 25A, 53A or 61 of the Regulated Activities Regulations. (f) if the credit intermediary provides advisory services; 5.-1) A creditor must, at all times, provide clear and understandable general information about consumer mortgage contracts, on paper or on any other sustainable or electronic medium. “This article does not apply to an agreement of the types described in Article 3, paragraph 1, point b) of the Mortgage Directive.” `Consumer Credit Directive`, the European Parliament and Council Directive 2008/48/EC of 23 April 2008 on consumer credit contracts and repealing the Council`s Directive 87/102/EC (128); (a) the creditor (or, if there is more than one creditor, one of the creditors) or the interest rate of the total credit commission does not exceed 42.6%; (3) The assessment of solvency should not be based primarily on the value of the property that exceeds the amount of the credit, nor on the assumption of an increase in the value of the property, unless the objective of the consumer`s lease agreement is to build or renovate the property.