This model agency contract is, in its entirety, the complete agreement between the parties. Amendments, amendments or amendments to the provisions contained in these provisions cannot be valid or binding under any circumstances, unless the written signatures of both parties are valid or mandatory. PandaTip: This section of the model of the model agency explains how the model compensates the agency for representation and advice. In addition, Model recognizes that the agency requires full disclosure in order to achieve maximum positive impact on Model`s career. That`s why Model agrees to be advised by the Agency on all issues related to Model`s career, including potential professional projects. The Agency has the exclusive right to use the model`s name as well as all authorized portraits and images related to advertising and/or advertising for the model. The agency can publish that it is the exclusive personal manager for the model, as well as provide similar services to others with respect to the model without breach of terms or contract. The model undertakes to regularly update all contact cards, photos, calendars and other promotional items, as agreed between the parties. Despite the termination of this agreement, confidentiality, disclosure of copies and compensation provisions are maintained. PandaTip: It is important for an agency that any model under contract with them act professionally at all times so as not to damage the reputation of the Agency.

This part of the proposal makes it clear that the model is contractually required to properly represent the Agency at any time during the duration of this modelling contract. Model agrees to pay the agency a specified percentage of [Agreed.Percentage] % of all funds, fees or other contributions That Model receives for the duration of this model agency contract. [Company.Name] collects all funds and payments for jobs performed under this agreement and retains the percentage of payment agreed upon from these credits. PandaTip: The table in the model below contains personal and contact information for the model and agent who sign the contract by the modeling agency. Use the table to create a powerful way to improve your contract management process. Panda Tip: This clause refers to Still vs. Videophoto. There are well-known cases of models who think they pose for stand pictures, but someone took them in secret.

Be in front; Let the model know what type of images are taken. This contract with the modeling agency starts on [Contract.StartDate] and ends with [Contract.EndDate]. Both parties may, by a written extension signed by both parties, agree, at their sole discretion, to extend this standard agency contract beyond [Contract.EndDate]. The model will behave with dignity at all times and will not do anything that is considered illegal for the duration of the agreement.